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Minnesota Wild Draft Pick

After all of the math has been done, the Minnesota Wild will draft 24th in the first round of the 2008 NHL entry draft. The draft will will take place June 20-21 at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Canada.  Hockey fans will remember that Ottawa had the draft in 2005 as well, but that was the lockout year so it was a much scaled back event. I also remember that the 2005 draft was the year of Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins lucky year. Know who else was drafted in 2005? Benoit Pouliot by the Minnesota Wild as the fourth choice...he’s not exactly a Sidney Crosby now, is he?

Anyway, this year’s big Minnesota Wild Draft question is...with a pick at 24, do you go with the holes in the organization or the best player left?

Tough one.  I may have to PONDer that one for a bit. I guess I would go for the best player left that fills the holes. I know that answer is very pc, but it’s true. I would look to fill the holes with solid players and rely on my strong players to continue to be strong. Of course there will be more NHL draft talk on hockey wilderness in the coming weeks. Check back often!