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Will Mark Parrish be in a Minnesota Wild sweater next year? What about Andrew Brunette?

I hate to make predictions regarding who will be on the Minnesota Wild roster next year and who won’t be because I hate to be wrong (yes, I hate to be wrong)...but I heard that the Minnesota Wild are trying to get Andrew Brunette back. For those of you who don’t remember Brunette was with the Wild for three seasons prior to the lock-out. In 2001-02 he scored 21 goals, he was a great team leader and probably one of coach Jacques Lemaire’s favorite Minnesota Wild players. Why? Because he played hard every game and he played extra hard in the playoffs. The Minnesota Wild could use that on the team next year (we could have used that this year), but if Andrew Brunette comes back, Mark Parrish won’t be – they fill the same hole, but this MN Wild freak thinks Andrew Brunette could do a better job. Sign him, Jacques!