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Wild Sign Erik Reitz, hopefully to replace Skoula

The Minnesota Wild signed minor leaguer Erik Reitz for a one year deal worth $500,000. This really isn't' all that newsworthy, it's not like Erik Reitz is so skilled he is going to be able to take some of the heat off of Gabby or anything, but the Wild are publicizing that Reitz will play on the NHL level next year. ("We wouldn't have signed him to a one-year deal unless we intended he would play for the Wild next season," assistant general manager Tom Lynn said). So who will the Minnesota Wild be shuffling down to Houston then? My guess is Martin Skoula. See ya later Skoula, I won't miss you, but I am not exactly joining the Erik Reitz welcome wagon either.


Let's hope the Minnesota Wild can make this blog a little more exciting with better contract signings in the future...the near future?!