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Marian Gaborik Film

I got an email from Josh Rachbach at awhile back pimping out this “So Into The Wild” youtube film they put together. If you have five minutes to waste today, take a look at it. I admit I watched it, I am not sure I “got” it, but I found the mispronunciation of Marian Gaborik’s name rather funny and then there is a funny pot pie moment as well.


Here is the email from Josh explaining the film.

Hello - 


How are you? Excellent. We're a small group of filmmakers from LA who have featured The Wild and Gaborik in a parody of last years Sean Penn film "Into the Wild," meaning, into the Minnesota Wild. The short film features a man obsessed with Marian Gaborik and a fictional contest that will land him a motorcycle ride with the star captain.

If you've seen the film we think you'll love the parody, and we thought your audience might enjoy the short. It's kind of a cross between Coen Brothers and Juno, and clean for all audiences. Hot dog.

Here is the link:

PS - The Gaborik pronunciation was done on purpose. We are Wild fans after all.....