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Minnesota Wild Flag

Before the start of every Minnesota Wild home game, the fans sing the Wild anthem , the lights go crazy on the ice, there is smoke and horns and then a little kid skates onto the ice and plants the Minnesota Wild state of hockey flag at center ice. It is an awesome moment for the fans and I always thought how cool it would be to be that kid skating on the Xcel Energy Center ice in front of 18,000 fans. Well, I see on the Minnesota Wild’s website this week there is information on how to sign-up to be that special flagbearer kid.


The catch? You pretty much have to be a Minnesota Wild season ticket holders kid. Sure, there are the regular rules about age limits and knowing how to skate, but there is one eligibility requirement that I think is extremely cheap – you  (and I quote)“must be able to provide own tickets for appointed game (including ticket for participating child)”  


What?!?! You apply for a once in a lifetime opportunity to carry the Minnesota Wild flag to center ice and you have to buy your own Minnesota Wild ticket?  That seems insane. What if the game you got selected for was sold out? You would have to forfeit your spot. That just seems sad. I guess you could always buy tickets from a ticket broker like Ticket King , but it seems cheesy that the Wild couldn’t provide two tickets – one for the child and one for a guardian. Come on, Minnesota Wild, where is your community spirit and sense of giving?