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Player Wes Walz could become Coach Wes Walz

Wes Walz, what will he do next? After taking his break with the Minnesota Wild at the beginning of last season and then officially retiring from the NHL, Walz has been laying low. I half expected him to show up announcing alongside Darby Hendrickson at the Minnesota State High School games, but he was a no show.


Now the word on the street is that Wes Walz would consider a coaching job in Tampa Bay. Has Wes even coached anything other than his kids little league team? Probably not. But he is good hockey player and a strong leader. I am a little worried his mental OCD could get in the way, but I suppose if he wore the same tie every game and had all of his notes left justified, things would be fine. I guess time will tell where Wes Walz will end up.