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Minnesota Monday Morning News – Minnesota Wild Style

I am blowing the whistle. We are going to take a time out from the Minnesota Wild player profiles (I know the one I posted is so awesome and overwhelming, you need a minute to catch your breath) to bring you some Minnesota Wild news - fast and furious, just like our Minnesota Wild team.

Wild Headline story number 1: Brian Rolston is going bye bye. Wild traded his rights to the Tampa Bay Lightning for the next 24 hours. Rolston and the Wild have been at a stale-mate status for weeks after Rolston refused three offers. I am sure he will have plenty of suitors and I am not looking forward to playing against him next year.

Wild Headline story number 2: Wes Walz is moving to Florida. New Tampa Bay Lightning coach Barry Melrose named Wes Walz an assistant coach for next year.
See ya Wes.

Wild Headline story number 3: This is more of a warning or Minnesota Wild public service announcement: Brace yourself for free agency madness. We are on the cusp of craziness. Load up on the caffeine hockey fans, there will be a lot to keep an eye on tomorrow.