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Minnesota Wild Home Game Crowd not Intimidating

There is one other thing that irritates me about the before mentioned photo banner and about attending Minnesota Wild games in general – when you look around the arena, there is no unity. The Minnesota Wild has changed their primary colors twice in the past 7 years, so the “home crowd” doesn’t look very home-ish and certainly not intimidating. If you go to a Minnesota Vikings game, there is purple everywhere; a Minnesota Twins game, blue jerseys galore.

Why is it that the Minnesota Wild felt the need to go from green to red in its short seven years of existence? Was it just to collect more money from fans who needed to buy new Minnesota Wild jerseys or were they concerned they didn’t get it right the first time with the green? I love my green jersey and I was bitter when the Wild decided to go red this season and by the looks of the home crowd, they didn’t get the masses to go red either. Sure there is some red, but there are also plenty of green and white and other random colors. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins got it right in the NHL playoffs with the white t-shirt look and if you go to a Detroit Red Wings game, it’s all red and white and it has been since 1932. The sea of red is intimidating; the speckled Xcel Energy Center is boring.

Think about that while you are sipping coffee and reading the Sunday Sports page.