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Wild sign Owen Nolan

The Minnesota Wild made a surprising move (or at least I was surprised) over the weekend when they signed veteran Owen Nolan to a two-year $5.5 million dollar contract. Nolan has 16 years NHL experience and the gray hair to prove it. He can easily win faceoffs and cover a corner with fierceness, but he isn’t the star center that this MN Wild Freak has been dreaming of. Nolan, 36, played for the Calgary Flames last year and the only reason I can see that the Wild really want him is for his leadership (?). Ever since Wes Walz up and left the team, the Minnesota Wild have been missing that guy to be sure that the team works together…every game.

"I think he'll be a great example for our young players on how to play the game," Doug Risebrough said. "He's a warrior, a respected veteran. He's a guy that uses his size and determination to get to the net, and in his case he pushes people to get there.”

Nolan will be an interesting addition to the Minnesota Wild locker room next year. I hope he can pull this mish mash of a team together so they can win some hockey games.  I hope he inspires the young guys and makes veterans like Mark Parrish step up their game.