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Pavol Demitra signs with Vancouver

Pavol Demitra signed with the Vancouver Canucks today for an $8-million, two-year deal. I am sure Gabby will miss him, but I know I won't. See ya, Demitra and don't think I will be wishing you any luck with the Canucks.

I read online that Pavol Demitra's interest in the Canucks was based on his desire to play in a hockey-crazed market (like he did in Minnesota!), to join a team with a top-notch goalie such as Roberto Luongo (or like Niklas Backstrom in Minnesota!), and to reunite with Canucks GM Mike Gillis -- his former agent (that's the missing link with the Wild...Demo doesn't like the direction of the team or the GM - no surprise there).

Last year was a flop for Pavol Demitra. He had trouble scoring as a center and blames the defense focused system of the Wild. I only 50% agree with him there. He also just plain sucked and was unable to play at center. Pavol Demitra believes that Vancouver is moving to a more offensive style of hockey and that is a better fit for him. I am sure he hopes to pummel the Wild and win a Stanley Cup. I guess we'll settle that on the ice in the fall.