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Minnesota Wild Schedule

The Minnesota Wild schedule is out! There are some tough games on there. I like that the NHL changed the format a bit to include more match-ups between Eastern Division teams, but I am pretty sure I wouldn't have hurt feelings if the powers that be skipped over the Minnesota Wild playing Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins (@PIT 11/18) or the Minnesota Wild vs Washington Capitals (see Alex O at the X on 11/24).

It is cool that the Wild are in town for most of the major holidays including a long homestand around Thanksgiving (Nov 20 -28 / 5 straight home games) a December 23rd Xcel Energy Center game and the December 31st New Years Eve game at the X.

My most blaring concern is the month of March. Way too many road games. Especially since March is usually crunch time for playoff spots. The Wild have a history of keeping fans on the edge all through March. I am afraid with all of the road games, the edge won't be in our favor.

W1ldfan wrote this:

Tricky, this year to MARCH to the playoffs Did anyone notice that the Wild only have four home games in March out of sixteen? Might not be all that bad if they can rally around themselves and consider it a challenge to win a majority of those games. March is usually a big month as far as standings and positioning go, not to mention the, I'm not sure but believe the trade deadline is in March, could be wrong on that though. The flip side is they have only three road games in Feb. personally I would rather have it the opposite because of the fatigue factor as the season drags on. anyhow I am sure it's gonna be a great year and see ya all at Allorey's.

I completely agree that the March schedule is NOT FAVORABLE. I won't be saving too much money for playoff tickets because it could be a hard year. I will post more of my thoughts about the schedule next week and I will try to figure out how to put the entire schedule in my hockey wilderness sidebar.