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Brian Rolston signs with New Jersey Devils

A lot has been happening around the Minnesota Wild offices lately and the fans are fired up.

Thank you mnwild1 for your thoughts and feelings regarding the Wild losing Brian Rolston. I respected your quality fanpost so much I moved it to the front page of Hockey Wilderness so no one misses it. My feelings are this: yeah it sucks we lost Rolston. I wanted to sign him, too. I am pretty sure every Minnesota Wild fan wanted him back next year, but did he want to be back? I always contend that if players really want to be here they will give it their all. Rolston slapped the Wild in the face by not even responding to their offers prior to July 1st.

Did the Minnesota Wild low ball him? Probably. Considering we are paying Andrew Brunette $7 million for three years and they are the same type of player (I know many think Brunette won't replace Rolston, but yes they are the same). Brian Rolston had his mind made up that he was going to the free agency market and I think that injured Dougies pride and should be a sign to Minnesota Wild fans that Rolston wasn't feeling loyal to the Xcel Energy ice.

Brian Rolston moves on to the New Jersey Devils with a four year deal worth $20.25 million...the Minnesota Wild will move on, too. Don't despair...yet.