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Passionate Minnesota Wild Fans

Minnesota Wild fans are passionate about hockey and I want this Wild blog to be a place where the passion can flare up. Sort of an uncensored community of Minnesota Wild hockey fans. In fact, I want to encourage Minnesota Wild fans to post everything from their favorite quotes in the fanshots section to their most heated rants in the fanposts section and comments on The blurb below was posted as a comment by W1ldfan, but I wanted to promote it to the front page so that other Wild fans can read it and be encouraged to post their own thoughts. Hockey Wilderness is listening so chime in Wild fans!

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One bad apple spoils the whole d@mn bunch
Easily the biggest and worst move D.R. made this offseason was getting Jacque to come back. Think maybe New Jersey will take him back too? Look at Voros, when he came up from Houston, he was flying out there. He hit everthing that moved. He crashed the net so hard that he literally RAN OVER THE NET. Voros was awesome to watch, I loved it. three months later you could barely find him out there. Do you think AV decided to take it easy out there? no, it was coached out of him by Lemaire. Players in the league don't want to play for Jacque. Superstar players don't want to play for a coach that refuses to hold the other team accountable for liberties taken on the star players. Case in point, Why was Gaborik on the ice for the OT in the last game of season against Col.? At the end of reg. all playoffs seeds had been decided. We knew we were playing the Ave, and they or at least Laperrier, knew they were playing us. He won that series before it even started. At that point Colorado thew down the gauntlet and even though he had a bench FULL of enforcers, Jacque never answered the call. People don't want to play for Jacque and if he wanted to go DR should have let him.