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Minnesota Wild @ Chicago Blackhawks - Preseason Game Thread

Minnesota_wild_logo_medium Blackhawks_logo_medium

Minnesota Wild (1-0-0) at Chicago Blackhawks (1-0-0)

United Center @ 7:30

Television: None Local, try for a feed
Listen live on
(if available), or locally on BOB 106.1 or 107.5 KBGY

For the Chicago perspective, check out Second City Hockey

Minnesota Lineup Chicago Lineup
Nolan - Belanger - Veilleux
Gillies - Pouliot - Weller
Boogaard - Sheppard - Clutterbuck
Kalus - Koivu - Miettinen

Skoula - Zidlicky
Noreau - Johnsson
Bergeron - Reitz


Ladd - Toews - Brouwer
Sharp - Kane - Skille
Beach - Dowell - Aliu
Eager - Burish - C. Adams

Barker - Campbell
Hendry - Sopel
Hjalmarsson - Carney


Ouch, Skille, Dowell, Burish? Too many Badgers!!!

Nice to see Backstrom get a rest after a nice showing against Columbus. I would look for more of the same tonight with Harding getting all 60, then maybe Schaefer gets the next start.

Things to look for tonight:

  1. Colton Gillies with more PT
  2. Fewer penalties (please god, it was killing the flow on Wednesday)
  3. Petr Kalus. What can the young man bring to the table?
  4. Where will Josh Harding's head be? He was awfully good last season. Will he be back in that form?
  5. How many goals will Martin Skoula be directly responsible?
  6. Patrick Kane at center, Brian Campbell on the ice, Jonathan Toews with the C. Youth rules in the second city
  7. Craig Weller. Who will he try to fight tonight
  8. Lastly, and most importantly. BOOGIE!!!!!!!


What are you looking for tonight?