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Minnesota Wild @ Buffalo Sabres - Preseason Game Thread

Minnesota_wild_logo_medium Buffalo_medium

Minnesota Wild (1-0-0) at Buffalo Sabres (1-0-0)

HSBC Arena @ 6:00 CDT

Television: None Local, try for a feed
Listen live on
(if available), or locally on 830AM

For the Buffalo perspective, check out Die by the Blade


Forwards: Brunette, Belanger, Clutterbuck, Gillies, Locke, Nolan, Veilleux, Pouliot, Jesse Schultz, Hamilton, Sheppard, Weller, Boogaard
Defense: Nick Schultz, Skoula, Reitz, Cuma, Noreau, Bergeron, Johnsson
Goalies: Backstrom and Harding


Umm, someone else is going to have to follow along, I'm unavailable tonight.

What to look for:

Jubilant fans in downtown Minneapolis! Go Twins!