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Houston Reacts to Pouliot's Return

With the demotion of Benoit Pouliot, the Minnesota Wild become immediately better. However, the problem child does not simply disappear, he goes to the Houston Aeros, where the fans and bloggers have to deal with his bad attitude and lack of real talent.

From Ms. Conduct we get this:

See, I know sending Ben back to Houston is your will and I understand the reasoning. He's just not ready for the NHL and is too expensive to sit in the press box night after night.

But... Blessed Ones... we've been so good in Houston. We've tried hard and have a bunch of nice guys who seem to get along and are building good chemistry on the ice and are "on the same page."

Ouch. No welcome home banners for Pouliot from Ms. C, I guess. To her credit, Ms. C was the first one I know to call shenanigans on Pouliot being handed a spot on the roster.

Then from John Royal there is this:


This is what I get for taking a couple of hours away from internets. Benoit Pouliot has been shipped back to Houston.

I know what Pouliot did deserve to this -- he sucked -- but what did the Aeros and their fans do? If they were going to send back anybody, couldn't they have sent back Cal Clutterbuck or Krys Kolanos? Sure, it would hurt the Wild, but it would help the Aeros, and isn't helping the Aeros what's actually more important? 

 Such loving words from our cohorts in Houston. Keep him warm, dear friends, he may be there for awhile. Enjoy the ineptitude.