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Marian Gaborik Out 10 Weeks

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Marian Gaborik is scheduled to have surgery on his left hip on Monday in Vail, Colorado. The surgery will address a deficiency in his hip that has caused chronic left groin pain. The surgeon has determined that the rehab time is around ten weeks, and he won't be able to start skating for at least six weeks.

Marian Gaborik

#10 / Right Forward / Minnesota Wild



Feb 14, 1982


From the Doug Risebrough/Marian Gaborik conference call

  • Been playing at 70 percent for much of the year
  • Injuries include: torn labrum, cartilage flapping, bone on bone
  • Left hip is much worse than the right hip that was repaired in May
  • The doctor told him it would get much worse if he kept playing
  • Doug Risebrough - "I’m disappointed that he won’t be here with us for this point in the season. But, you know, this is the choice that Marian has made. So I have no other comment."
  • Gaborik is unwilling to jeopardize the rest of his career by ruining his hip.
  • He said this is something he has to get fixed. If he was 38, it’d be a different story.
  • Risebrough says Gaborik will not go on Long Term Injury status, which would allow the Wild to spend up to $6.33 million (his salary) to go over the salary cap.
  • Risebrough said he’ll continue to look elsewhere. Said it’s not easy to replace Gaborik and there aren’t a lot of big options out there.

He said his plan is to definitely return this season, but he’s got to be smart. He said he believes the hip problems have been the cause of his career-long groin problems, and that this will solve it for good. As an example, he said he’s had no right groin problems after his right hip surgery.

Incidentally, Gaborik is not happy with all the talk that he’s not willing to play through 100 percent and that he’s "milking" the injury.

Sure, Gaborik might come back before the season’s out and wear a Wild sweater again. That’s his goal. But I wouldn’t expect him here after July 1.

If he’s going to restablish his market with a short-term deal, I believe it’ll be elsewhere. - Michael Russo