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Minnesota Wild vs. Los Angeles Kings: The Morning After

Los Angeles Kings 5-2 Minnesota Wild



No urgency. Nobody driving to the net. Shots from far outside. Attacking 1 on 3. Allowing Brown, Armstrong and Kopitar to camp out in the low slot. Everything that has been a weak link for the Wild came to fruition tonight. I'm beyond frustrated watching this, and I clearly am not the only one. Take a look at these comments from Twitter and the Star Tribune:

The Wild have now supplanted the Wolves as the most boring professional team in Minnesota. They simply don't have the talent. For all you Gaborik haters: get used to the Wild brand of Hockey.
The only hope is to trade Backstrom. He is the only one we could get offensive help for, plus our GM might let him go for nothing, remember Gabby? Backstrom will want a 35 million 5 yr deal. How about Backstrom for Rolston or Demetria? LOL.

Wild will see their team of 18568 drop in a hurry soon. The state of hockey is being let down by this team of Doug and his Canadian mafia.

I'm pissed off, The Wild stunk up the Xcel Center tonight.

The Wild are going to drop another game to a bad team (LA). Bah!

The Wild should offer Gaborik a decent contract right now. His stock has to be down and they need him.

I just don't even know what to say, but this inconsistency is the downfall of a young team. This team is NOT young. They should be beyond this.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars

  1. Dustin Brown (1 G, +3, 5 SOG)
  2. Marek Zidlicky (1 G, 1 A)
  3. Mikko Koivu  (2 A)

Questions to Answer

  1. Will the Wild avenge a bad loss in December at Staples Center? No.
  2. Can the Wild stop Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar? No. Those two had their way in the zone all night long.
  3. Do the defensemen continue playing well in the offensive zone? They did. Too bad there are seemingly no forwards who want to crash the net.
  4. Does Brunette feel ill effects from last night's performance after suffering the injury last Saturday? He had 1 assist on 19:21 TOI, and the Kings took it to him all night long. Another decent game for Bruno.
  5. Do the Wild once again fall victim to the "play to the level of the opposition" mentality they have so often played this year? Yes. Yes. Yes. They beat San Jose. Beat Boston. Beat Chicago then lose to the freaking Kings? Seriously? My god.


  • Zidlicky scored his 9th power play goal of the season. That goal gives him the team record for power play goals by a defenseman in a single season.

The Game In Pictures









Game Highlights