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Weller Still not Ready

According to Brian Stensass, Craig Weller did not skate at practice today and is still receiving treatment for his head injury.

It always strikes me as odd how writers refer to injuries in hockey after they occur. Example: Last season when Koivu was attacked by Ohlund. As soon as the next game happened, it went from "Mikko Koivu, who was viciously attacked by Mattias Ohlund..." to "Mikko Koivu missed practice again today with a broken leg."

Notice the difference? One makes it clear that Ohlund is a hack and the other makes it sound like Koivu hurt himself skiing. So, to say that Weller missed practice because he was receiving treatment for his head injury makes it sound like he fell out bed.

Weller is not missing practice because he has a head injury. He is missing practice because Sheldon Souray used a plactic arm arm cast to break Weller's skull. There is no need to sugar coat it. Tell it like it is. Souray broke Weller's skull by cheating and using a weapon on the ice. If Souray was Chris Simon, he'd have received a 25 game suspension for this.

Anyone know what Souray got?

A stern talking to from Colin Campbell and an invite to the All-Star game.