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I'm Defecting

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That's it. I'm jumping ship. I am going to go sign up where ever it is I need to sign up to be a Red Wings fan. I know the Wild have only been around for eight years, and the Wings have been around for the better part of a century, but still, come on. How do you get Henrik Zetterberg to sign for 12 years at a cap hit of around $6 million per, while our GM can't get Super Groin to sign for upwards of $8 million per year?

Now, before everyone jumps up and down on me asking if I would have wanted Gaborik to be offered a 12 year deal. No, I would not have even wished that on the Canucks. The point is, however, that we have a GM who seems to trip over his own shoe laces when signing free agents, and then the Wings go out and sign Henrik freakin' Zetterberg for a $6 million a year cap hit.

Any Wings fans that may be reading this:

Can you send me whatever forms and paperwork are necessary to be a fan. I'm in.