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Ms. Conduct Tells Us How it Is


If you aren't reading Ms. Conduct on a daily basis, well, you just aren't paying enough attention. Today's installment is nothing short of flat out awesome. The story is of one Benoit Pouliot compared to recent call up Krys Kolanos.

The summary is this: Pouliot is a never was, playing on talent alone, and given a chance so many dream of. Kolanos is a player who had talent, worked is butt off, and lost what could have been (and still may be) a promising career to injury.

The story begins in Houston with Aeros fans plodding through 2 seasons of Pouliot's coasting and lack of passion. The first season was a bust for the team as a whole and he was a rookie, so he got a pass. The second, he showed flashes of brilliance with the puck -- flashes of brilliance this low-scoring team desperately needed on a regular basis if they were to compete.
Meanwhile, in Houston, where nobody I've talked to is missing Pouliot, there's this guy called Krys Kolanos making everyone else on the ice look like rec leaguers. Basically doing what most thought Pouliot COULD have done if he's shown an ounce of gumption.

Read the article, folks. Read the blog regularly. This is nothing short of an inside look at the future of the Wild, whatever the quality or case may be.