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Minnesota Wild @ Philadelphia Flyers: Game 40

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Phi_161-799426_medium Minnesotawild_medium

Philadelphia Flyers (21-10-9) vs Minnesota Wild (20-16-3)

Wachovia Center @ 6:00 CST

Television: FSN
Radio: Listen Live

For the Philadelphia perspective, check out Flyers Fan Central

Tonight's lines:

Minnesota Wild

Philadelphia Flyers

Miettinen - Koivu - Brunette
Nolan - Belanger - Bouchard
Clutterbuck - Sheppard - Veilleux
Kolanos - Pouliot - Weller

Burns - Schultz
Johnsson - Skoula
Zidlicky - Scott


Hartnell - Carter - Upshall
Jones - Richards - Knuble
Cote - Metropolit - Gagne
Gratton - Powe - Kalinski

Timonen - Vaananen
Coburn - Alberts
Carle - Sbisa



  • The Flyers are 19-for-42 (45.2%) on the power play in their last nine home games.
  • The Wild are 10-1-1 against the East this season.
    Martin Skoula has caught the flu bug and will be out tonight.
  • Stephane Veilleux is back in the lineup.

Questions to Answer

  1. With Skoula out, and Lemaire not having a lot of confidence in Reitz and only a little more in Scott, will Burns, Johnsson and Schultz come close to the minutes they played against Detroit?
    Does the solid defensive streak continue?
    Can Backstrom best his career high shutout streak tonight?
    With Gillies back upstairs, can Pouliot keep him there?
    Will Mikko have a chip on his shoulder for being kept out of the All-Star Game?