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Colton Orr shoves a linesman on the next episode of Wheel Of Justice!


The Colin Campbell Wheel of Justice is spinning out of control lately. As our good friend HockeyJoe posted earlier:

What in the blue hell is it going to take for there to be any modicum of consistency out of Colin Campbell’s game show studio of an office when it comes to dangerous hits in the game? Mike Richards gets no suspension for his hit on David Booth. Tuomo Ruutu gets a three game suspension for his dirty play on noted scumbag Darcy Tucker. Rob Scuderi gets a fine for his low bridge action on Jason Chimera even in spite of Scuderi having a relatively clean record and now Steve Ott is going to see some sort of action taken against him. I’d like to assume it’s going to be a suspension but you just don’t know what the Wheel of Justice will turn out.

So, Steve Ott gets 2 games. I guess I can see that (Mike Richards on the other hand ...)

So, we know how random the wheel is when it's player on player violence. So, what happens when it's player on ref?

Look at the 1:01 mark for what should get Colton Orr absolutely no less than 3 games

What do you think folks? Vote early, vote often.