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So... I'm Wrong, and Apparently, a Liar

So the apparent conclusion from my post about Alex Ovechkin needing to be suspended for his hit against Patrick Kaleta the other night is that I am 1) wrong and 2) a liar. Seems I cannot possibly be a fan of AO's and still call him out for being involved in a dirty hit. Now, however, I am even more confused about the entire situation, since Kaleta was just suspended for a hit that seems to me to be no where near as bad as Ovechkin's.

I am now in the unenviable position of defending my opinion of the Ovechkin hit while questioning the suspension of a dirty player (Kaleta) for a hit I agree is a bad one.

Let's see where this takes us, after the jump.

Still with me? Probably not, but here I go anyway.

Here is the video of Kaleta's hit last night (about the 1:15 mark):


Now, as a refresher, here is Ovechkin's hit on Kaleta (about the 40 second mark):


Which is worse, and why? Kaleta has a history of dirty hits. Not going to defend him in any way. Kaleta, however, hit a player who was standing against the boards. Not sure why that is even boarding. Maybe I need an explanation of the two rules, but it looks to me like Ovechkin's is boarding, and Kaleta's is charging, but either way, they are both bad hits.

After being told I am a liar about being a fan of Ovechkin's, all because I questioned his hit, his past, and his ability to rise above the law, maybe I am not the best one to continue the debate. No one else seems to see the irony in this, though. Am I really the only one?

Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynski tells me I am right that AO is above the law, but wrong that he should have been suspended for this latest hit. I am OK with that, I respect Wysh and his opinion a great deal. But if AO does not get suspended, why does Kaleta?

Please, I am begging. Explain it to me.