Wild resort to ice girls to boost low ticket sales?!!

Okay so somebody tell me what the deal is? In previous seasons the Wild organization had kids clearing off the ice during the 2-3 minute breaks in the game, I always thought that was a great idea, after all imagine how amazing that would be as a youngster skating out on the ice with the big guys. Even if just for a moment, if I were a kid I would be thrilled! From the perspective of a fan I also get such a big kick out of seeing the kids out on the ice skatin' around between periods, not to mention it adds to the fun family atmosphere that the Wild want to create for their fans.

Now the Wild organization has resorted to ice girls clearing the ice, in an attempt to?? I don't know I always thought hockey was beyond cheerleaders/ice girls whatever, I guess I am old fashioned though. At least, from what I've seen, they aren't half naked, as most teams Ice Girls are these days. Its pretty insulting to the fans that they think they can appease my libido for the absence of a fast, fun, and exciting hockey game that they've been promising for the last 5 months. Don't get me wrong I love Minnesota Wild hockey whether it's the Lemaire or Fletcher approach!! If I didn't I wouldn't be writing this little blurb. Yes, you say but... SEX sells! Yes it certainly does. But will it help sell more tickets? One could only guess that they are trying to boost low ticket sales & increase revenue; forget that you can see Kopitar play in LA with the family for $21/ticket Upper Deck (oh yeah & each ticket includes 1 hot dog, 1 pop) and free parking too.. If you want to increase ticket sales lower prices/offer truly great deals to the fans, that's how you increase revenue you silly marketing people!

If it's really about making more profit, which it obviously has to be, then be smart about it. Don't kick the kids to the curb.

To all the pundits, my wife & I don't have kids, we do appreciate a womanly figure, just don't want some inept Wild Execs to insult my intelligence. We don't need any other excuse to get excited and cheer on our team. Nor do we need the jumbotron to tell us when to "Make some Noise"!

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