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Alexander Ovechkin Suspended Two Games

The wheel of justice has spoken!

Wheelofjustice_medium Tarik El-Bashir is reporting that the NHL has suspended Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin two games for "supreme awesomeness" and has decided to have it coincide with the time he would normally sit due to an injured knee. That way the NHL can say that he has been suspended and now enters their repeat offenders category (which actually, like Ron Burgundy, is kind of a big deal). Word on the street is that BReynolds is a liar and a cheat and a swindler and the Caps fans suffer from "Russian Blinders."

So, anyway, both sides can get back to their corners and concentrate on the toothless nature of the suspension.

Now, before anyone goes out and harps on me for being a d-bag who hates Ovechkin, let me just say this. Alexander Ovechkin is the most exciting player in the NHL, and frankly, I don't care if he's dirty, he's still super fun to watch.