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Minnesota Wild @ Calgary Flames: Game Recap

Minnesota Wild 2-1 (ot) Calgary Flames

Holy crap, the Wild won in Calgary. Holy crap, James Sheppard scored. Holy crap, Martin Havlat scored. Holy crap, the Wild had more than 40 shots on goal.

Ok, I'm not really sure which is more shocking, to be honest, but I'd say that beating Calgary in the Saddledome is the biggest surprise.

The Wild have now won seven of eight and seem to be turning it on right about the time many expected them to. It's great to see them winning with offense and winning with defense. Frankly, if it weren't for Kiprusoff, tonight would have been out of hand and the Wild would have won going away.

It's great to see Havlat getting into the flow of the game, and nice to see someone other than the top line carry the load for the offense.

Let's hope this solid defensive play continues. Things are finally turning around.

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Hockey Wilderness Three Stars
  1. Martin Havlat (1 G, 1 A)
  2. Miikka Kiprusoff (44 saves)
  3. James Sheppard (1 G)

Questions to Answer

I'm gonna let SpaethCo answer.

  1. The Calgary Flames have been the best in the Northwest (no matter what folks in Colorado will have you believe) will the Wild get a good measuring stick against a solid team? We’re trying to fight our way back into the hunt, so for the sake of team confidence let’s say this is a great measuring stick. (only because we got the win)
  2. Will the curse of the Saddledome continue to hover over the Wild? It tried really damn hard - maybe the curse was thrown off by the cold?
  3. Which Finnish goalie will shine? Despite Backstrom getting the win, Kiprusoff held off 44 of 46 shots. From the Flames perspective, Kiprusoff gets the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd star.
  4. Bruno has eight points in the last five games, and Mittens has seven goals in his last eight. Can they keep it up? Strangely enough, the underdogs of the team pull it off. Shep and Havlat - I wonder what the line would have been on that in Vegas?
  5. The Flames have the best career record against the Wild. Why? They're really not that good, are they? Kiprusoff and Iginla? Nah, those guys have no talent at all. In fact, Calgary should send them to us for Boogard and a bag of pucks. Right?