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I won't take up too much room on the front page with this, so make the jump, and I will offer up some apologies for yesterday's debacle.

First off, let me once again apologize to the people of Detroit. The comments I made were distasteful and came during a time when I was writing when I likely should not have been. I would offer to remove the comments, but that only serve to hide them , and I do not want to do that. They are my words, and I own up to them. My intent was to aim them at one specific person, but even that would not forgive them. They were wrong.

Next, to anyone caught up in the mess yesterday. I am sorry I acted unprofessionally. While I still feel that defending myself is my right, I forgot that professional behavior is not determined by the author, but by the readers. The readers feel as though I acted unprofessionally, and for that I apologize as well. Without the trust of the readers, there really is no reason to write.

An apology is also due to one of the most civilized posters from the debate yesterday. When I banned one specific person (see below) from the discussion, it deleted comment from "JJ in Kansas." It was not my intent to remove comments not pertaining to that specific situation, but the system does not let me choose. The comments from JJ were part of thread started by the banned person, and the system deleted the entire thread. I offer a sincere apology to JJ and thank him for bringing the heat yesterday, and for doing so in a civilized manner.

I would like to offer one final apology. To my family, for being drawn into a fight you had no reason to be involved in. The opposing side of the argument had certain members that decided to over step the line between a battle between two blogs, and cross into real world threats. Of course, they deny making those threats, but those of you that received them know the truth. So, I am sorry you had to be drawn into it. It was not your fight. The person responsible has been removed from the Hockey Wilderness community. A small pittance, but it is really all I can do at this point.

I hope that these apologies make it to those that deserve them. I have offered my surrender to A2Y. While the fight could certainly continue, it was serving to only be mutually destructive, and no gains from that.

Thank you to all readers of Hockey Wilderness, and of A2Y. While I do not always agree with the tactics, I would definitely defend with my last breath your right to express your opinions. If nothing else, the legions at A2Y are loyal, and I can certainly respect that.