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Trade Deadline

From the Pinoeer Press:

There were 11 NHL scouts at Wednesday night's game, including four from the Boston Bruins. Also represented were San Jose, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, Tampa Bay, Detroit and Montreal.

Wild general manager Doug Risebrough has expressed a willingness to deal from his team's strength, defense, to shore up its weakness, offense.

Outside of Brent Burns, one of the Wild's untouchable young core, the Minnesota defenseman that would bring the most in a trade is probably veteran Kim Johnsson, who has one more year on a deal at a salary cap hit of $4.85 million.

All of the teams listed could use Johnsson. Of course, given a playoff run, so could the Wild.

So, Hockey Wilderness readers, do you deal Johnsson? If so, what do expect in return? If not, what moves do you make, if any?