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Aww... It's OK. You tried so Very Hard.


I need to apologize in advance. This post may not stay on the even keel Ms. Conduct and Kevin in PA have told me I generally posses when it comes to topics such as Doug Risebrough.

So, I apologize (and pardon my french for a moment), but really...

What is the rat's hell ass is this?

From Russo (the king of all quote getters):

"They've got to get together and get over it," Risebrough said. "I would have worried if we hadn't talked to them. They were down. They were disappointed, but you've got to get through it, you've got to get by that. You've got to get over it and get moving on."

WHAT? When did the Wild head back to grade school? When did they revert back to mites level hockey where everyone get a badge just for lacing their skates correctly?

Why, oh why, dear lord, do the Wild need to be patted on the head by the General Manager and told that everything will be OK? Are they not PROFESSIONAL hockey players? Should they not be able to find the motivation within themselves and together as a team to pull their collective head out of their ass and play the game the way they are capable of?

There was a ton of rhetorical questions right in a row there. I'll give you all a minute to wrap your brain around them.

This is like last year when all we heard about was how good it was that they were playing well, even if the end result was a loss. That they should be proud of playing hard and doing the best they can. I didn't buy it then, and I'm not buying it now.

This is the NHL. This isn't the AHL, this isn't the WCHA, it's not high school, and it's not pee wees. If you don't win, it doesn't matter. It's not whether you win or lose is no longer the case. It does matter, and it is all that matters.

Enjoy the pat on the head boys. If you needed it, you are in a lot more trouble than any of us on the outside could have imagined.



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