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Should Derek Boogaard be suspended for his hit on Brandon Prust?

Flames coaches, players and fans across, well, Calgary are calling for Derek Boogaard to be suspended much like Brendan Witt for his elbow on Niklas Hagman.

Here's Mike Keenan's take on it:

"He’s a menacing player. The strategy of the coach was to put him out with a large deficit to try and take advantage of his physical attributes. I don’t mind people hitting but he did leave his feet. He probably could have been assessed a major for doing so. The league will look at it. We don’t have to suggest that anymore. They watch all the games from the war room and make those decisions as games unfold."

Well, take a look at the two hits and give your analysis.

Here's the Brenden Witt elbow, for which Witt was suspended 5 games.

Is it just me, or does the Boogaard hit not come anywhere near the nasty Witt elbow. I mean, Witt received a major for it.

Many comments mention Prust just returning from a broken jaw, and how the hit was up around that area, etc. Well, I'm sorry folks, but you can't treat someone returning from an injury any differently than anyone else. Last I checked, this is a contact sport. Boogaard took his 2:00 for boarding (which was the wrong call), served them and it's time to move on.

Boogaard isn't dirty, has never been suspended and does not deserve an elbow. Of course, the Flames loyalists disagree, but they live in Western Calgary and only recently learned about the internal combustion engine (Dude, don't even try to talk to them about "green" technology or hybrids either. They start to get dizzy).