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Boogaard Suspended 5 Games

From Russo:

According to GM Doug Risebrough, left wing Derek Boogaard has been suspended five games for his elbow on Brandon Prust last night. Boogaard was assessed a two-minute minor for boarding. This is the first suspension of his career.


See the previous post for video, but to me this seems like Colin Campbell has once again shoved his head so far up his you know what that it is amazing he can see straight.

Fine, great, suspend him, but he gets 5 games on his first suspension, on a hit that no where near matches the level of violence or intent to injure as Witt's hit on Hagman.

Well done Mr. Campbell... idiot.

And shame on you, Boogey.


Oh... and Weller is on waivers... we'll see where that leads.