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Kurtis Foster returns to action!

Kurtis Foster, 11 months after having his leg shattered in a horrible incident with Torrey Mitchell of the San Jose Sharks, has finally returned to the ice, in game action with the Houston Aeros.

After the first shift was over, I went back to the bench, had a seat, and had a gasp there -- I was like, "OK, here I go. I'm back on the ice."

I ended up being a little rusty, but for the most part it was a good first step, and the leg felt good out there, so it was fun. It was just the rustiness. That's just the way the game works, being 11 months off.

Then, after the game, my parents and my wife came down. We didn't talk hockey at all. I think they were just pretty excited. My mom had a few tears, my wife had a few tears. They know how hard it's been and they know how long it's been. To be out there with them in the stands, for my wife after everything she's gone through, it was a very accomplishing moment for me.

Now it's a good old six-hour bus back to Minny, and I'm sitting here eating some pizza and watching a movie, so I'm good. The guys are pretty excited about a big win tonight. They had a couple tough losses, so it was nice to end the weekend with a win.

Thanks to the Chicago Wolves and Houston Aeros for the video highlights.