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Gaborik Speaks to Local Media

From Brian Stensaas over at Russo's Rants, Gaborik spoke to some of the media upon his return the X today. Here is the part that caught my eye:

Though no target date has been set for his return, he was asked if he felt pressure to get back into the lineup quickly given the team’s current state and recent losses. Said Gaborik: “Quite frankly I haven’t really been watching games. I’ve been following the scores but I haven’t been watching games. From my perspective, I just really need to focus on how am I feeling, how everything goes with me and then if everything goes good I’m going to jump into play. Definitely the pressure is on, but first of all I want to feel confident in my body and that’s so far everything going well.”

He hasn't been watching the games. Huh. Real team guy there.