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Alex Ovechkin: Showboat or Showman?

Alex Ovechkin called out Don Cherry last night in a 5-2 Capitols win over Tampa Bay. After turning Matt Pettinger into a pretzel and roofing a goal over Mike McKenna's shoulder, Ovechkin did this:

It was clearly an homage to Don Cherry's pathetic, xenophobic whining about Ovechkin's celebrations.

"He's going to be (mad), for sure," Ovechkin said of Cherry. "I love it. I can't wait till he says something about me. Old coaches, old system, you know?"

Now, Don Cherry isn't the only one who is going to take umbrage to Ovi's display.

"He's the game's most dominant scorer, but to do that, especially on our ice, I took it as an insult," wing Ryan Malone said. "It's embarrassing. This isn't football."

"He came down a notch in my book," coach Rick Tocchet said. "I grew up in the old days of the (Philadelphia) Spectrum. That first period after that happened might have been a three-hour first period. … It's hard for me to see that in our building."

In other words, Tocchet was ticked someone didn't punch out Ovechkin.

"I was in the (penalty) box at the time," Malone said. "But you remember it. You make him pay the right way."

Here's an idea Rick, next time, bet on Ovechkin.

To all you Cherry sycophants and idiots in Tampa Bay complaining about Ovechkin: Stop him. Shut him down. Hell, to all members of the Lightning and their apologists, concentrate on your own team and your own problems before you complain that someone who knows how to score revels in that feeling.

Maybe McKenna is onto something

"When I saved his breakaway, I could have done a spin move or something, but I didn't."

Do it next time Mike ... if you stop him.