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Wild do Nothing at Deadline

Since the Minnesota Wild are such a solid team from top to bottom, with talent just oozing from Doug Risebrough's ears, the Wild went through yet another trade deadline doing absolutely nothing.

After the jump, we take a look at what it all means for the Wild.


First off, I am writing this, and deals are still rolling across TSN, so something may change, forgive me if I change thoughts mid-stream. I won't go into each and every deal in detail, for that head over to SBN's trade deadline page.

As I mentioned before the jump, Doug Risebrough has decided, wait, decided implies action... Doug Risebrough assumed this team is good enough as it is to make the playoffs, or was too incompetent or proud to make a deal to bring in some picks and prospects. As the minutes clicked down, everyone here at the Wilderness grew more and more impatient, and in the end, we were rewarded for our long day of holding our breath with complete inaction.

It was reported by our good friend Michael Russo around 12:30 that Gaborik was now on the block. Was he before that? We may never know, but God Save the Queen, he better have been.

With trades for defense abounding, surely raising the asking price for defensemen like Kim Johnsson, Risebrough still was unable to get a deal done for him. No word if he was actually offered, but again, he should have been. Leopold commanded a player, a prospect, and a pick. Truly Johnsson had to be worth that.

Shifting focus for just a moment, Calgary added Oli Jokinen, Jordan Leopold, among a couple other minor moves. Edmonton added Patrick O'Sullivan. Vancouver did nothing, but were rumored to be hot on the trail of Jay-Bo. Colorado was a clear seller, having admitted their season is over. The Flames clearly now own the division, and become true Cup contenders, and I want no part of watching the remaining games the Wild play against them.

A couple of good quotes today:

From Pierre McQuire:

Does anybody even know the Wild exist?

From Darren Pang:

19,000 a night? That bill is coming due if they miss the playoffs.

From neide:

This just in, Doug Risebrough has traded his ham and swiss sandwich for a slice of pepperoni.

Here's the epitome of Doug Risebrough: Wild allow Dominic Moore to be claimed off waivers for nothing & Brian Burke gets a 2nd round draft pick for him

Edmonton basically dealt Pitkanen and Cole for O’Sullivan.

Amazing. Fire Doug.

Once again Wilderness readers, your Minnesota Wild have done absolutely nothing as teams all over the league looked to make themselves better, some were willing to mortgage the future for today, and some were willing to part with prospects and stars for very little. No matter what the plan is for this season or the future, I find it very difficult to believe that doing nothing helped that plan come to fruition. What this tells me is that there is no plan, and that the front office is simply flying by the seat of their collective pants.

Brian Burke landed several draft picks for players he knew did him no good anyway. Calgary added some true star power and talent. Edmonton added a piece they feel they were missing, while not losing too much in the process.Ottawa knew it had issues to address, if not for this season, then for next, found a trade partner in Columbus, and made a deal that benefited both teams short term and long term.

Here's the long and short of it. The Wild have a GM that has no plan, has run the organization into the ground, and is too proud to admit it. today, added to the inactivity in past years, shows that Risebrough has lost his way. As I have said before, this team is not good, and there is no help from within. Why, oh why, then does Risebrough not do something to make it better?

Marian Gaborik is still on this team. There still are absolutely no prospects that look to be helpful in the next four years. the Wild still have no second or third round pick in this year's draft.

Anything is better than nothing. As the old saying goes, if you don't change something, then nothing will change.

Welcome to mediocrity Wild fans. It will be here for quite awhile.