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Searching for a Positive


Hello Hockey Wilderness!

After yesterday's debacle coupled with the Wild being 0-3 on the road trip, and likely to get destroyed by San Jose tonight, I find myself searching for something. Anything. I am looking for positives to take going forward through the end of the season.

I can find no hope in newly acquired draft picks. I cannot hope the team makes the playoffs as it is a definite first round exit and only makes the first round pick lower. I cannot throw my support behind some newly acquired stud brought in at the deadline. The only thing I have seen in the past week or two is the signing of Backstrom, which itself carries some negatives.

So, Wilderness readers, help me out. What are you finding to be positive about? Is there a player that you feel has developed this season that surprised you (insert Ms. Conduct comments about Clutterbuck here)? I am begging you for anything. Help me out here.

Is there anything to be hopeful about?