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Email to Wild Owner Craig Leipold re: 2009 NHL Trade Deadline

So, apparently Leipold's email address is available. One individual who gave me permission to reprint his email to the Wild owner as well as Leipold's response. Let me know what you take from this exchange.

Mr. Leipold,

As a hockey fan and casual Wild fan, I'd like to express my displeasure with the continued lack of improvement of the team.

I had some hopes that there would be some effort by the Wild management to make a trade by the deadline. I was hoping that they could get someone who has a chance to put the puck in the net. Once again they are stuck with second stringers, defensive specialists and has beens. They have no serious prospects in Houston and none in the juniors.

The continued apparent mis-management by Mr. Risebrough and his staff makes me glad I gave up my share in season tickets a few years ago. I'll likely to continue to go to a game or two a year when a vendor takes me, otherwise I don't even bother to watch them on TV. I'd rather watch high school, college and youth hockey as I feel they are the better entertainment value.

Good luck,

Leipold's response

Why would you have given up your tickets a couple of years ago. Dont you remember we won our Division last year? You gave up a little early. I appreciate your sentiment, but you lose your credibility when you throw the towel in when we are Division champions. Regarding this year, where would the Wild be if Gaborik were in the lineup? Would Calgary win the Division without Iginla?


So, a few thoughts:

  • If Iginla was hurt, would Darryl Sutter really not try to replace him at the deadline?
  • Calgary made major moves at the deadline to make their team better. Last season, what did the Wild do when they were winning their division at the deadline?
  • Is it just me, or does even the owner make it look and sound as if this team is completely happy to be mired in mediocrity?