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Minnesota Wild coaching search

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Well now, with Jacques Lemaire and the Minnesota Wild amicable ending their relationship, now begins the search for the next head coach. Which way will they go? Fresh new face? Promoted assistant? Retread? Internal? External? Frankly, none fo us have any clues, nor do we know the names on Doug Risebrough's short list.

Risebrough said the coaching search could take 2-2 1/2 months. Over the next three-four weeks, he will talk internally with his staff. Then he will begin a monthlong process of soliciting potential candidates, or vice versa, and then begin the interview process and due diligence.

He says he has no timetable for hiring a new coach, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be before free agency. - Michael Russo

Over the next few weeks, we're going to take a look at some of the candidates being batted around by pundits and members of the blogosphere. If you have names you'd like to add to the discussion, please let us know. We really look forward to reading your takes on some of the names and whether or not you think they'd fit with the Wild.

Here are the initial names we're going to discuss

  • Mike Ramsey
  • Kevin Constantine
  • Mario Trembley
  • Guy Carbonneau
  • Todd Richards
  • Peter Laviolette
  • Tom Renney
  • Paul MacLean

If you read anything online about the search, or would like to add your own fanposts and fanshots, please tag those with "Minnesota Wild coaching search".