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Minnesota Wild General Manager Candidates

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Well now. That's finally over. Now begins the process of hiring a GM first, then allowing that GM to hire "his guy" for the coaching job.

We might as well evaluate potential general manager candidates in addition to coaching candidates. It also helps, because it will likely remove our need to analyze Mario Tremblay and Kevin Constantine, as I'm thinking the new GM will want to clean house (hopefully this means dumping Tom Lynn and Chris Snow also).

So, without further ado, here are the general manager candidates we will look at over the next few days:

  • Stan Bowman (assistant GM - Chicago Blackhawks)
  • David Poile (current GM - Nashville Predators)
  • Paul Fenton (assistant GM - Nashville Predators)
  • Tom Lynn (assistant GM - Minnesota Wild)
  • Chuck Fletcher (assistant GM - Pittsburgh Penguins)
  • Jay Feaster (former GM - Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • Pat Quinn (former GM - Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks)
  • Doug MacLean (former GM - Columbus Blue Jackets)
  • Rick Dudley (assistant GM - Chicago Blackhawks)
  • Neil Smith (former GM - New York Rangers)

Who else do you think has a reasonable shot at this job?