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Follow the NHL playoffs online

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If you're the typical Minnesota Wild fan, you have a hard time following the playoffs without your squad in it. I can't blame you at all. It's just painful.

That being said, I'm getting a lot of great information and analysis of the games and series across the internet. Not only is SB Nation all over the playoffs through the playoff hub here

NHL Playoffs Blog Coverage, Schedule and Scores - SB Nation

but there are all kinds of blogs and people on twitter doing a fantastic job of covering the playoffs.

On Twitter, do a search on the hashtag #nhlplayoffs and you will find hundreds of people to follow. You'll find fans of all teams, and hockey fans in general.

In addition to the SB Nation blogs of teams in the playoffs, there are blogs across the blogosphere doing wonderful coverage of the playoffs.

During the recently ended Canucks - Blues series, I found great coverage from Canucks 24/7 and their man in the arena, hosea24hours.

Share your favorites in comments!