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Niklas Backstrom Surgery Update

From the Minnesota Wild PR team:

Surgery on Niklas Backstrom’s left hip went better than hoped today. Dr. Philippon reported that he corrected the issues in Backstrom’s left hip (including a  labral deficiency, which had not show up on the radiography), and the cartilage damage was less than feared, so no microfracture was necessary. Backstrom’s recovery time was reduced and the doctor now believes he will be full-go in about 12 weeks.

This is good news, with a twinge of skepticism.

There were issues not found on the radiology, just like with Gaborik. I do not like this doctor, and I have a strong distrust for him. Best in the business or not, he already screwed the team up once, now he potentially could be doing it again.

Glad Backs is doing well. I hope all of the issues are taken care of.