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Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins

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Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins and all of their fans. Well fought, well played, well deserved.

The Penguins become the first road team to win a game 7 in a final series in professional sports since the 1971 Montreal Canadiens. Now how is that for a streak?


P.S. Here's hoping Bettman and the NHL learns how to promote non-English speaking players, because no matter what anyone says, this is Evgeni Malkin's team. Malkin led the league in regular season and post-season scoring. Any chance he doesn't get a Hart to go along with that Conn Smythe?


Malkin didn't score a goal in the last three games of the finals, but he led all playoff scorers with 36 points -- the most since the Kings' Wayne Gretzky had 40 in 1993 -- and his pass set up the first of Maxime Talbot's two goals Friday night as the Penguins beat Detroit 2-1 in Game 7.