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Tom Lynn let Go

In a move that will surprise almost no one, Assitant GM Tom Lynn was let go by the Wild. This may come as a shock to him, since Russo reported just after Fletcher was hired that Lynn thought his job was safe. Well, guess what buddy? Probably should have kept your yapper shut.

Lynn was responsible for negotiating contracts for the Risebrough regime, something the whole group was less than stellar at.

While I can say that most members of Wild teams past will be missed in some way shape or form, Mr. Lynn always struck me as a bit of a tool. Good riddance.

The Wild have taken the high road on this move, in the press release saying:

"We thank Tom Lynn for all his service and contributions to the Wild organization and wish Tom and his family future success," said Fletcher.
The Wild will not comment further regarding this situation.

If you read between the lines, like I do, it reads: "The Minnesota Wild have rid themselves of one of the worst AGMs in the NHL. If another team would like to hire him, we wish you the best, as he is a complete and total waste of skin."

In other news, there is a press conference scheduled for noon tomorrow at Gate 1 of the X to announce Todd Richards as the new coach.

I am now officially pumped for a new season.