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SBN Hockey Podcasting Kicks Off

Good morning all;

We at SportsBlogs Nation Hockey have decided to try to make our sites as inclusive and multi-channel as possible. In that vein, the first ever SBN Hockey Podcast (tentatively titled "Between the Boards") kicks off tonight at 6:00 PM CDT.

The podcast will travel around the NHL, as all community managers take turns hosting, but tonight's event will be hosted by Brandon of Defending Big D (the Dallas Stars blog).

We'll be covering the draft, free agency, the season that was and the season to come.

We hope to get as many callers from around the country as possible, so please listen in and feel free to call-in, or post your questions and comments both here and at Defending Big D.

We'll be hosting at Blog Talk Radio and the call-in number is (347) 857-1323.

Also, feel free to post ideas for topics on upcoming shows. The SBN Hockey world is nothing without all of you, and these podcasts will be an extension of that great community we have developed here at SBN.