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NHL Free Agency Live Blog

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Check in here all day long for all the NHL free agency action. Well, at least the stuff that will affect the Minnesota Wild.


4:15 pm - Sportsnet: Habs finalizing deal with Cammalleri

Sportsnet reporting Cammalleri to Montreal -- five years, $30 mill


1:00 pm - Craig Anderson signed by the Avalanche

I’m hearing a two year, $3.6 million deal, but waiting for confirmation on numbers.


12:51 pm - Marian Hossa signs with the Blackhawks.

Hossa to Chicago, according to TSN. Does this open things for Martin Havlat to come here?

EDIT: 12 years for $5.2M/year.


Mattias Ohlund to Tampa Bay Lightning

RT @Sean_Leahy: TSN: Ohlund signs 7 years, $3.75 avg/year


Sedin's Re-sign with Canucks:

RT @DarrenDreger: Sedins have agreed to 5 year extension and will stay with the Canucks. log on to

The brothers have signed a pair of  five-year contacts, averaging $6.1 million a season.


Rob Blake signs with San Jose Sharks

TSN is reporting Rob Blake has signed with the Sharks