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Minnesota Wild Prospect Scrimmage

The Minnesota Wild held their annual development camp this past week, and the conclusion was a 4 on 4 scrimmage of all the prospects in camp, open to the public at the Xcel Energy Center.

Fellow Hockey Wilderness posters mbennett and SpaethCo joined me at the event. We had a fantastic time, and highly recommend to all of you that you check this out next year.

To show just how into hockey we Minnesotans are, it was a beautiful summer day in the low 80s with nary a cloud in the sky, yet 2,000 die-hard Wild fans were inside watching kids who may be 4 to 5 years from the NHL play a scrimmage.

The roster was as follows:


Here are my tweets from the scrimmage, courtesy of

4-1 white over green afterthe first period. Cal Clutterbuck's team is beating Brent Burns' handily.

Colton Gillies blames coaching for the green team being behind. Brent burns gives him a wet Willie in return

There is an impressive crowd here. Wish they had more than popcorn available though.

In case you are wondering which Wild prospects are here

Haula and Fallstrom from Shattuck look awfully good with the puck. Gillies looks confident, which he should considering his experience

Overheard "pass the puck!" My response: "Yeah, that was this team's problem last season, they didn't pass enough. Idiot. Just shoot it."

Dude "it's a practice! You need to learn to give it to the guy in a better position" Me: "in a real game, the guy in the slot is on his ass"

Matt Kassian is a big, big kid. Would love to see him in full contact.

And it ends 7-4 in favor of the white. Cal's kids held the lead over Brent Burns' fedora

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Alexander Fallstrom looked awfully good. Excellent finishing touch. His Shattuck line-mate, Erik Haula also made a nice impression.

Jarod Palmer had the best move in the shootout

Colton Gillies was a man among boys out there, but with his NHL experience, he should have been.

Matt Kassian has an NHL-ready body. now, if he can just show some consistency, he's ready to be a power forward.

Peter Kalus also showed promise. His puck control was far and away the best of the day.

Now for the pictures (thanks to SpaethCo for some of these):







100% of Cal Clutterbuck's agree: "Hockey Wilderness: A-OK!"