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Lemaire to Coach Devils

From, the Devils are set to announce Jacques Lemaire as the new head coach for at least the next season. The announcement will come at 12:30 PM central time. While this matter is best left to our friends over at In Lou We Trust, or Wysh over at Puck Daddy, since Lemaire was ever so formerly the head coach here, I feel I can comment on the matter.

I have some advice for Devils fans everywhere. Buy a new pillow, and make sure you have plenty of caffiene on hand.

Following the storylines of the off-season, the Devils have made exactly zero moves to improve their team from last season. Devils blogs around the interwebs have made it clear that they are none to pleased about the lack of action, with one fan even saying that he was going to drink a shot of booze every hour until the Devils made a signing. Could be one really drunk guy in New Jersey.

While the Devils won the Atlantic Division (Thanks KiPA) last season, they did not make a playoff run. Instead, their intra-division rival went on to win the Stanley Cup. That has to sting, at least a bit. So, in a "He Who Shall No Longer be Mentioned" type move, Lou Lamarillo has brought in Jacques Lemaire to solve all the teams ills and take them deep into the playoffs.

I wish the best of luck to Mr. Lemaire, the Devils, and to Devils fans. As Russo says (hopefully jokingly)

I say Martin Skoula’s a Devil by week’s end.

Coupled with Lemaire running the ship, and a brand spanking new human pylon on the blue line, Devils fans have a ninth place finish to look forward to.

Enjoy. Let us know how it goes.