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Cuma has a Contract

From Russo at 38,000 feet:

The Wild has signed 2008 first-round pick Tyler Cuma to a three-year, $2.625 million entry-level deal. The Wild had until June 1, 2010, to sign this prized defenseman.

This doesn’t change the rules — Because of his age, if he doesn’t make the Wild in the fall, he’s got to be returned to Ottawa of the OHL. If that’s the case, his contract slides and the contract won’t start until he turns pro in likely 2010-11.

This is good for the Wild, and good for Cuma. Good because it shows a true commitment from the team to develop him and get him to the NHL. As Russo goes on to say in the link, Cuma is still highly unlikely to be in a Wild sweater this season. Chuck Fletcher is a much more patient GM, and will want Cuma to move as slowly as needed to make that $2.625 million worth every penny.

Cuma missed most of his last junior season with a knee injury that was then repaired by the Wild medical team.

So, good signing for the future. Good to see. Keep it up Fletch.