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Wild Daily Links

First some depressing news, as James Mirtle continues to move away from his role at SBN. He has already relinquished the NHL editor's job, and now looks to be moving one step closer to not being around at all. Truly a sad day for all of us at HW and at SBN as a whole. Although, he has landed a dream job as a Leafs beat writer, so it's not exactly like he's moving into his car. Good luck, Mirtle.

Clutterbuck Question Mark for Tonight - Russo's Rant's - Good news (hopefully) in this one: "But Clutterbuck said Fuller told him that if he had a concussion, he would have experienced symptoms earlier. So Clutterbuck went back to the ice and finished the skate."

Latendresse Confident with Wild - Brian Stensass, Star Tribune - Lats has been red hot since joining the team. Writers should have no trouble finding different angles on this story for quite awhile.

Minnesota Wild's Surge has Been a Real Team Effort - Tom Powers, Pioneer Press - Indeed. The Wild are still very much a team first organization. Despite having some big name players, no one guy looks to be the difference on a consistent basis.

Craig Custance on Twitter: Nikolai Khabibulin will have surgery on Thursday to repair herniated disc in back. - Let the "Harding to the Oilers" trade speculation begin. As Ms. Conduct said: "Make it happen, Chuck."

Matt Bradley becomes my new hockey hero - Raw Charge with the video. - Bradley did EXACTLY what he should have done. He left the bench to protect one of the best players in the game, and his captain. This is what all enforcers should do. Damn the leaving the bench rule. Downie needs to know that AO doesn't do the fighting.

Puck Daddy with some commentary on the Alex Burrows mess - I know how much we hate Burrows around these parts, but if this refs is bent on revenge, he needs to be removed from the game. The NHL needs to do better than a one day investigation. The integrity of the game was questioned. A fine for the player? Sure. Nothing for the ref? Unacceptable.

Finally, just in case anyone cares, here is the sports site for the Vancouver Sun. - Always good to know what the enemy fans are reading before going into battle.


Hope to see you tonight for battle with the Canuckleheads.